The Dublin Horseshoe Company

Authentic Irish Horseshoes Imported From Ireland

All Horseshoes Are Lucky, But Irish Horseshoes Are The Luckiest


From Co. Dublin, Ireland to

Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA

Our Little Irish Company

Cindy McDevitt Bowe, Owner

Cindy McDevitt Bowe, Owner

Co. Dublin, Ireland ~ 28 January 2014

Co. Dublin, Ireland ~ 28 January 2014

The Dublin Horseshoe Company was founded in July 2013 by Cindy Bowe and is presently located in The United States in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Starting this little international business and growing my connections across the sea have been an absolute dream come true.


I have been so blessed to have dear friends in Co. Dublin, Ireland and among them a sixth generation blacksmith/farrier who forges/fits and collects these magical shoes as he works with many types of horses in and around the surrounding areas of Co Dublin. Work horses, sport horses (horse racing), eventing horses (show jumping), dressage horses and of course the ponies..... just to name a few.


My Irish heritage is very important to me and I very much believe in the magic of The Emerald Isle and all things Irish. Horseshoes have been a symbol of good luck for hundreds of years and throughout many different cultures. We like to say that ALL horseshoes are lucky, but Irish horseshoes are truly the luckiest!

Talking shop :-)  28 January 2014 ~ Co Dublin, Ireland

Talking shop :-)

28 January 2014 ~ Co Dublin, Ireland

The shoes are shipped to me in large quantities by boat. They are rusted, dirty, coated with soil from the 'homeland' with nails and horse hair still attached. I clean each shoe by hand with steel brushes after they've soaked in a special solution, before I paint and/or seal them with rust preventive primer, paint and sealer. Every shoe is then hand numbered and shipped to you with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

I wanted to bring these authentic shoes to the States to offer a little bit of Ireland's amazing heritage and tradition making them a very special and unique gift to give or receive. Since each shoe is forged/fitted by an actual blacksmith, there are no two exactly the same. The art of blacksmithing can still be found in Ireland and is considered a very lucky trade working with elemental fire and the magic of iron.

Cindy x