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Authentic Irish Horseshoes Imported From Ireland

All Horseshoes Are Lucky, But Irish Horseshoes Are The Luckiest


From Co. Dublin, Ireland to

Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA

Frequently Asked Questions


Q~ How long does it usually take to complete an order?

A~ Most often it takes 7 days from start to ship. During busier times of the year, like Christmas and St. Patrick's Day, it can certainly take longer. Also, larger orders will definitely take longer. It's always best to place your order well in advance to ensure proper on time delivery.

Q ~ I'm getting married and would like to carry a horseshoe with my bridal bouquet. Do you have small horseshoes for that purpose?

A ~ Yes, we do! Our pony shoes are perfect for bridal bouquets! Please see our Lucky Wedding Shoes page for a little peek. When ordering, please let us know that the shoe is for a wedding.

Q ~ I would like to give a horseshoe to each member of our wedding party. How long would that take?

A ~ Depending on how many people are in the party, it could take several weeks. Please allow plenty of time for your order to be completed. Our advice is always to order EARLY to ensure proper delivery. 

Q~ Do you state exactly where the shoes come from and is there any way to know the name of the horse that wore the shoe?

A~ The shoes are collected by our blacksmith/farrier from various places in and around the surrounding areas of Co Dublin, Ireland.  There's really no way of knowing EXACTLY where a particular shoe was collected from and therefore there is also no way to know exactly which horse wore which shoe.

Q~ Can I request a different color ribbon other than the standard green or black?

A~ Absolutely! If you prefer a certain color we would be happy to accommodate your request. Just send us a quick little note when checking out or email us at

Q~ 'I ordered the organic shoe and there are marks all over it. I thought it would be shiny and smooth.'

A~ Please keep in mind that these shoes have all been WORN. They are not newly made, therefore there will be markings, scratches, possibly small dents and some may even appear crooked. The organic shoe is cleaned and restored back to its original worn state and then sealed to prevent rusting. It's going to show all of its wear, unlike a shoe that's been painted. All of the shoes are gorgeous, especially the organic shoes. They each tell their own little story.

Q~ What does the number on the back of the shoe mean?

A~ Each shoe comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which states that the shoe did, in fact, come from Ireland. Each shoe is hand numbered guaranteeing that it's unique and one of a kind. Since the shoes are forged and fitted by an actual blacksmith, there are no two the same.

Q~ How is the horseshoe packaged? Does it come in a gift box?

A~ Each horseshoe will arrive inside a drawstring burlap sack along with a certificate of authenticity, instructions, nails and a little bit of hay :-) The shoes are packaged carefully and may be difficult to re-package once opened. If you are giving the shoe as a gift, we would be happy to send you a photo of the shoe (or shoes) so that you may see the finished product before it arrives. Just send us a little message.

Q~ Is every horseshoe made by hand?

A~ Not every single horseshoe that we receive is handmade, however every horseshoe is hand forged by the farrier using fire to make the horseshoe flexible for a proper fit to the horses hoof. This process is called 'hot shoeing' or 'hot forged'.  We see many factory shoes come to us from European companies such as England  (Libero) and the Netherlands (Kerckhaert) for example. Every one of our horseshoes is guaranteed to come from Co. Dublin, Ireland and surrounding areas, as all of our horseshoes have been  hot forged by an Irish farrier and worn by horses in Ireland only.

***If there is an allergy to hay, please let us know.


We know you're going to love your Irish horseshoe! Please contact us with any further questions you may have or just to let us know how you're getting on with all the luck!

Photography by cebowe