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All Horseshoes Are Lucky, But Irish Horseshoes Are The Luckiest


From Co. Dublin, Ireland to

Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA

Small Lucky Gold Authentic Irish Pony Shoe


Small Lucky Gold Authentic Irish Pony Shoe


Just in time for St Patrick's Day is the gorgeous gold lucky horseshoe! There's no doubt that this golden shoe was kissed by a leprechaun under the most colorful of rainbows. Certainly a unique gift for any time of the year, but quite magical indeed to celebrate St Patrick himself on the 17th of March!

These beautiful gold pony shoes are perfect for a bridal bouquet or as gifts for the wedding party.

These magical shoes come direct from Co. Dublin, Ireland and are guaranteed by certificate to have been worn by an Irish horse and fitted by an actual blacksmith/farrier in Ireland.

Each shoe is hand cleaned, preserved and individually numbered to order. We receive them dirty, rusted and smelling of Irish soil and we lovingly restore them back to their original WORN condition. This shoe is painted gold and then quickly sealed to prevent any further rusting. Any steel markings or words found on the surface of the shoe are completely unique and created solely by the blacksmith himself.

**Please note that the shoe in the picture will not be the shoe that you receive.

This listing is for a 4 x 4 or less (approximate) small pony shoe.

All horseshoes are lucky, but Irish horseshoes are luckiest!


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