The Dublin Horseshoe Company

Authentic Irish Horseshoes Imported From Ireland

All Horseshoes Are Lucky, But Irish Horseshoes Are The Luckiest


From Co. Dublin, Ireland to

Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA

As Luck Would Have it....

We are so excited to announce that our lucky Irish horseshoes are now on display at Ballyhugh Irish Imports in Audubon, New Jersey!  How lucky are we??

If you've never been to Ballyhugh Irish Imports then you're really missing out. There are so many gorgeous and unique things from Ireland to see in the shop that you're bound to find the perfect gift for someone special or for yourself. Our horseshoes make a great gift for any time of year, but they are especially meaningful as a wedding gift, which is very traditional in Ireland. Stop into the shop and have a look around at all the treasures from The Emerald Isle ~ you'll be made to feel an Irish welcome for sure!

Ballyhugh Irish Imports is located at 235 South White Horse Pike in Audubon, New Jersey