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From Co. Dublin, Ireland to

Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA

England & France ~ April 2017

Jumped across the pond again!

I always have to stop and say hello to the horses, even in England and France :-)  These first several photos were taken in Reigate, Surrey, England on the most gorgeous little path that leads directly to a quaint charming pub called The Skimmington Castle or 'The Skim'  as the locals call it.  Had an amazing lunch, a couple of pints and made horse friends along the way.....and back again! It was a beautiful day in the English countryside.


Reigate, Surrey, England

Photography by cebowe

I always look for horseshoes and shoe prints wherever I go. You'd be surprised at where they turn up! Luck is everywhere.

These two beauties were like puppies! So welcoming and friendly. I loved their sweet greeting.


Highclere Castle ~ Newbury, England

Had to throw this in! During this recent trip, was fortunate enough to visit Highclere Castle in Newbury, England. Famous in it's own right, but off the charts famous now as this is where the television show Downton Abbey was filmed. Was amazing to walk through this magnificent home with everything in it's proper place as though the Crawley Family still lived there. Absolutely loved it!

Photography by JPatrick

I also journeyed by way of ferry across The English Channel to the small storybook town of Clecy in Normandy, France. On the morning that we left, we bumped into these gorgeous creatures below......just had to stop for a little hello!


Photography by cebowe

Photography by JPatrick

Au Site Normande ~ Clecy  Normandy, France  Photography by JPatrick

Au Site Normande ~ Clecy

Normandy, France

Photography by JPatrick