The Dublin Horseshoe Company

Authentic Irish Horseshoes Imported From Ireland

All Horseshoes Are Lucky, But Irish Horseshoes Are The Luckiest


From Co. Dublin, Ireland to

Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA

Up and Running!

Dia Dhuit! ~ Hello!

After many many weeks, we are finally up and running! Our little company can officially say hello to the world, or "Dia Dhuit" as they say in Irish :-)

We are very pleased with how our website has turned out, but we know that it will be a constant growing and ever changing place. There is so much to do and say and photos to be shared :-) This little adventure is going to be fun :-)

Ireland is such a gorgeous country with such amazing, loving people and I felt right at home there.  Didn't mind the rain at all, which is weird because I hate the rain here at home :-) Planning my next trip back will be soon and easy. Can't wait.

We hope you take an interest in our shoes and share them with family & friends. Sharing the luck of the Irish is our purpose and goal. We would love to see all your photos of your luck hanging so please send them on and we'll share them here on our blog!

There's no such thing as too much luck ;-)

There's no such thing as too much luck ;-)

Until next time...... Slán go foill ~ Bye for now :-)

Cindy x